About Colomboss

Who are these COLOMBOSS EXPLORERS? Why COLOMBOSS? As most people know, Christopher Columbus was one of the greatest explorers ever; he sailed far and wide searching for things new and exciting. With a play on the word Columbus, we have created COLOMBOSS. Four qualified and experienced hoteliers got together with a vision of enhancing the level of service standards of the hospitality industry through a portfolio of service analysis, to new and exciting levels. They started mystery visits, developed Colomboss concept, accepted by many travel agencies and travellers and expanded to selected countries around the world. COLOMBOSS EXPLORERS have visited and observed all the Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Pubs, Food and Beverage Outlets etc in the Colomboss Explored list. During the pre-opening stage of COLOMBOSS, the COLOMBOSS EXPLORERS have observed that the service standards are inconsistent, unpredictable and at the same time vary according to the type of clientele. The main objective of COLOMBOSS is to help the hospitality outlets to maintain their service standards at the highest level at all times and travellers to identify best places to travel and enjoy their stay and entertainment without any service issues. If you are admitted to the COLOMBOSS EXPLORED list it means you have achieved the very highest standards and are truly a ‘BOSS’ in your field. COLOMBOSS encourages worldwide travel agents to identify top rated hospitality service outlets before they recommend to their clientele. COLOMBOSS.Com will assist travel agents to direct their travellers to hospitality outlets with better service. Worldwide travel agents will be benefited by giving their travellers a better service experience. Difference between the average hospitality review site and COLOMBOSS.Com is the reviews are given purely focusing only on the service and done by the highly experienced panel of judges during their mystery visits to the hospitality outlets. The other difference is, we do not tarnish the image of the hospitality outlet, if the property is lower on COLOMBOSS standards of service, they will be informed confidentially in a document to the top management explaining why they are not on the list of approved. At the same time we convince them to train and develop their associates to reach COLOMBOSS standards, to get more business from the worldwide travel agents and travellers. World-wide Colomboss Explorers are qualified and experienced professionals. COLOMBOSS Recommendation cannot be faked, Cannot be bought, Competitors cannot influence; It is REAL. Highest Global recognition for hotel service excellence!

Colomboss VISION

“To enhance the service level of the hospitality industry to world class expectation”

“We don’t just meet the standards of service, we raise them”

Colomboss MISSION

• Administer an effective, credible and responsive system to analyze the service standards of the hospitality industry

• Provide information to worldwide travel agents and travellers with recommended hospitality outlets for better service experience

• Provide world class service development systems

• Bring to the world a portfolio of quality services that anticipate and satisfy guest’s desires and needs


Passion Success of service is not a gift, it is earned via ferocious work ethics, perseverance and discipline

Contribution Care more than necessary, so you can deliver more than expected in the service

Motivation Work until your idols in the service industry, become your competitors

Determination It is not how good you are, It is how much better you strive to be, more than the guests could ever expect.


• Help the hospitality outlets to maintain their service standards at the highest level all the time.

• Analyze the service standards of hospitality outlets and inform them on their service standards and guide them to improve their standards

• Discuss and communicate on the nature and role of the service with the management of the hospitality outlets

• Sustained analysis will assist the management of the hospitality outlets to maintain their standards


COLOMBOSS EXPLORERS will visit the hospitality outlets around the world and observe purely only on service standards of the same. Ten guidelines will be followed to analyze the service standards.(See Annexure 1)

Mystery Observations will be carried out to acquire the real service standards of the hospitality outlets. Explorers will use spy cameras and recorders to record service standards as evidence to show to the management of the particular hospitality outlet on request. Selected ‘exceptional service’ performance and videos will be shown in the COLOMBOSS AWARDS CEREMONY to convey the gathering on the service standards expected by the COLOMBOSS EXPLORERS. Videos will not be uploaded to social media or video sites on web.


All the nominees will be selected by the COLOMBOSS EXPLORERS during their mystery observations. Selected nominees will be reviewed by the panel of judges to select the winners. All the winners will be awarded with a COLOMBOSS CERTIFICATE OF BRILLIANCE for excellent service.


COLOMBOSS WEBSITE & APP is developed to convey the message of service standards of the hospitality outlets via mobile. Anyone who uses smart phone will be able to use the APP to identify COLOMBOSS APPROVED hospitality outlets. COLOMBOSS explored hospitality outlets who have reached more than 75% service standards marks, are published in the WEBSITE & the APP and lower service standards outlets will be informed confidentially in a document to the top management explaining why they are not on the list of approved, without tarnishing their image at the same time. But COLOMBOSS encourages them to train and develop their associates to reach COLOMBOSS standards to get more business from worldwide travel agents and travellers.

COLOMBOSS EXPLORERS will send the listed recommended hospitality outlets to worldwide travel agents to ensure their clientele receive better service during their visits.


Any visitor to the COLOMBOSS.com website can go to the search column and look for the standard of service of the property that they are planning to visit. If the property does not have the SEAL OF APPROVAL of COLOMBOSS, that may be due to two reasons.

1) COLOMBOSS has not explored the property yet

2) Service has not reached the standards of COLOMBOSS

COLOMBOSS Explored and Recommended properties can be identified with following "Recommended Seal"

All the hospitality outlets can check with the ADMIN of COLOMBOSS whether their properties are explored by the same. If the answer is “NO”, they can invite the COLOMBOSS to visit their property and evaluate the standards of the service.

Message to Hotel Owners and Managers.


• Worldwide travel agents and travellers are assured your establishment is one of the best service providers in the region.

• Your establishment will be highlighted amongst competitors.

• Your establishment will be nominated to the REGIONAL COLOMBOSS AWARDS

• COLOMBOSS EXPLORERS will identify exceptional service providers of your establishment and nominate them to the REGIONAL COLOMBOSS AWARDS.

• If the service standards are not up to the expected level of the COLOMBOSS EXPLORERS, we will submit a professional feedback confidentially to the senior management of your establishment, without tarnishing the image of your business at the same time. Management can then concentrate on highlighted service issues and train the team ready to invite COLOMBOSS to revisit.

• Your staff will be motivated if you invite COLOMBOSS to experience their talents. They get an opportunity to be nominated to COLOMBOSS AWARDS.

• Latest trend amongst travellers is to go through COLOMBOSS EXPLORED list before they select a hotel or restaurant for their entertainment. Don’t be left out!

• Selected popular Online travel agencies Ex: Agoda,Booking.com,Expedia,Hotels.com etc are affiliated with COLOMBOSS.

• COLOMBOSS Recommendation cannot be faked, Cannot be bought, Competitors cannot influence, It is REAL.